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New Microgaming Casinos

Like most other slots created by new microgaming casinos contains five drums, and the game is played on nine lines. Winning over a hundred or so combinations can be increased many times, thanks to two bonus games. Among the interesting features of this slot, it should be noted the possibility of stopping the reels at any time, for which it is necessary to press the start button again. According to tradition, one of the bonus new microgaming casinos is necessarily a game for doubling. But unlike the vast majority of slots from other manufacturers, the risk new microgaming casinos has two options. In the first case, the player will have to deal with playing cards, among which you need to find one whose denomination will be higher than that of the prison warden's card. In this case, the payoff increases exactly by two times. If the face values of the cards are equal, then the player will be given the opportunity to repeat. The second version of the new microgaming casinos offers the player to play with his neighbors on the camera in thimbles.

There are five in all, and under three of them there is a figure indicating the payout ratio. Under the remaining two thimbles, the player will find the end of the bonus new microgaming casinos. Symbols that have slot machines, play free in which many players prefer, fully consistent with the chosen theme. In particular, there are prisoners, warders, as well as images of various items that are often found in prison, from vans to transport prisoners and ending with picks, dynamite and shovels. As mentioned earlier, in addition to the new microgaming casinos, there is another bonus game, access to which appears with the help of three they can be distinguished by the image of the prisoner. The bonus casino game consists of two stages, the first of which the player will have to carefully disassemble a stone blockage in the tunnel. True, there are only five stones, but each of them should not cause a collapse of the whole unstable structure. For their cleaning in the correct sequence, the player is entitled to a reward.

At the same time, only three stones are sufficient for the new microgaming casinos to the next stage. The second stage also requires the player to be cautious, since in one of the three barrels there is an explosive device. The remaining tanks are designed to build a raft on which the fugitive will go in search of a better life. Choosing the wrong barrel, the player condemns himself to continue to stay on an inhospitable island. Today there are many places where you can try out this slot in the case. However, it will be best to use our website, since the original version of this new microgaming casinos machine is presented here, which guarantees high quality and comfortable game conditions. Probably, many of us can stand in the zoo for a long time in front of a cage with monkeys and watch their cheerful new microgaming casinos. Exactly the same desire is caused by a bright slot called crazy monkey or simply at its core, new microgaming casinos machines are classic slots that do not shine with 3d graphics and the latest bells and whistles.

Monkey slot machines on their drums have a variety of symbols, which are mostly associated with the jungle, in which monkeys live. Here you can see images of bananas, pineapples, a lion and, of course, the most fun of the main character. But, there is also a little non-standard symbol, which is represented by an anvil. As for the structure, the new microgaming casinos , as it was said before, belongs to the classics. Therefore, there are five drums divided into nine lines. Naturally, a player can choose the number of lines he wants to use in the new microgaming casinos. The maximum bet on all lines is 225 coins. This is not so much, but the frequent loss of winning combinations (the percentage of payouts here is quite high) make the new microgaming casinos very exciting and exciting. Moreover, there are additional rounds in it. However, this is far from the main thing. Attracts a cheerful atmosphere in the slots, which organically combines with the possibility of a good earning.

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