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Playtech Classic Slots With Bonus Games

Playtech is one of the strong players in the software provider market. Whether you want to pick simple Classic Slots or 3D Slots games, you need slots powered by Playtech gaming software. Shifting towards Slots, we have various versions of slots machines at number of online casinos, albeit, the Classic Slots are the based on fundamental rules of Slots game play. Whatsoever we have achieved in terms of technological advancements in slots but the reputation of Classic Slots can’t be changed.

Classic Slots has been so accepted right from the early days of online casinos. The simplicity of game influenced many players. It has been seen that many old player get back with classic ones. So, you can estimate the fun playing classic slots.

Classic Slots and Bonus is considered as weird match in online casino world because these standard slots don’t offer various exciting feature in game plays. Albeit, don’t get upset as you can gain some bonus points by beating some levels.

Look at the list of Classic Slots powered by Playtech with genuine bonus:

• Sultan's Fortune: Sultan’ Fortune Slots game with single payline offers heavy payouts to players. This is the excellent game to have large bucks from classic slots as you will get Wild symbols throughout the game play.

• Gemstone Slots: The exciting slots game with five reels and five paylines adds more fun to the game. Gemstone slots game has 15 winning combinations. Players need to bet with high stakes in order to win maximum out of the game.

• Jungle Boogie: The classic game comes with single payline and maximum possibility to win large jackpot. Jungle Boogie gives thrilling experience to players get boogie-boogie with Jungle Boogie.

• Magic Slots: The Slots game has one payline and three reels to play. One can win jackpot at Magic Slots with three magic hat symbols. Various symbols on the basis of game theme are ring, magician’s hats, gloves, wand, and dice.

• Safecracker: This is one of the high rated Slots powered by Playtech at online casinos. The game is based on robbery theme and players will have three reels and single payline. Three cash symbols on payline will make maximum payout.

• 8 Ball Slots: One of the classic slots with main aim of the player is to make winning combination on three paylines. Player will get solid balls and striped balls, where stripped balls come with major benefits. The strongest symbol at Slots is the ball with number 8.

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€1000 Bonus + 250 Free Spins